…and how to get back on track

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We’ve scaled the peak!

During the last 5 years we have been scaling up the initial curve of the Dunning Kruger Effect graph where the market thinks it knows it all about ESG, and once we have reporting sorted out, funds will flow even more freely into them from institutional investors and the public…

Personal observations while on vacation in Sardinia

Cape of San Giovanni, southern Sardinia (personal photograph)

I write this as I chomp down on pieces of a cool, ripe, sweet white melon from Sardinia, picked from a farm just a couple of days ago.

My family and I had a chance to visit friends in Cabras, on the south-western…

The rising popularity of business models as a ‘buffer’ construct

Business Strategy, Business Models, and Business Processes are presented as points along the same continuum of business operations between the conceptualization, planning and execution steps in an enterprise. The impact of a pivot on the strategy can have a potentially tremendous impact on your business model and business processes. Strategy…

Use your business processes to embed ESG principles

Processes, and not programs, are where ESG can be embedded

ESG is an acronym for Environment, Social, and Governance — three umbrella factors that businesses are being evaluated against, besides their earnings, by a range of stakeholders including investors, institutions, authorities, customers, employees, and communities in which businesses operate. There has been a steady rise in Boardroom discussions about ESG…

ESG Reporting is the roadblock — how to deal with it

In Part 1 of this series, we explained the fundamentals of understanding ESG factors and their urgency and importance for companies. In this part, we dive into the critical factors and highlight the most immediate roadblock — ESG Reporting.

We are at a critical intersection today

We are at the nexus of 3 important factors: 1) Consumers…

Deep Parekh, PhD

I’m a Belgium-based serial entrepreneur working at the intersection of Business, Technology, Society, and Policy, with a PhD in Business Model Dynamics.

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